lunes, 1 de diciembre de 2008

The European Association of Conservatoires (AEC)
The AEC Pop & Jazz Platform
The next PJP meeting will take place at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in the Netherlands, 13-14 February 2009. For more information please click here.

The AEC Pop & Jazz Platform The AEC Pop & jazz Platform is open to all AEC institutions with a profound interest in jazz and popular music education; i.e. institutions that are:
Providing programmes in jazz, pop, etc. (programmes in performance, composition, teaching technology, management, etc.)
Providing courses in jazz, pop, etc. as part of classical music programmes
Planning to start programmes in jazz, pop, etc. in near future.
Objectives and AimsThe overall objective of the platform is to support and promote jazz and popular music education in European higher music education. The specific aims of the platform are:
to provide and disseminate general information about pop-jazz programmes of the participating institutions (study plans, curricula, special events, etc.)
to support student and teacher exchanges (ECTS, preparatory visits, etc.),
to support projects, seminars, intensive projects, etc, about academic issues of didactical nature (curriculum development, styles and genres, teaching and learning, etc.)
Working groupA working group has been set up to coordinate the activities of the platform, and each institution has appointed an academic contact person (ACP), who will be coordinating the content of the activities.

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